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Speed and accuracy in software development is of utmost importance in our highly competitive and rapidly changing world. When needs are identified and decisions taken to invest in a new development project you want to have it up and running, and delivering its service as quickly as possible because every day without it is a day of lost revenue. factor10 has a wealth of experience and complete mastery of the latest methods and tools. With efficient project communication and short feedback loops, factor10 knows how to rapidly deliver business value from software projects.

But when the world around you keeps changing by itself, your software does not. In fact, rigid legacy software is often one of the main obstacles for an organization to stay ahead. So although development speed and risk reduction is important in the short term, it is not enough in a longer perspective. To preserve sustainable value of your software system investment, maintainability is of outmost importance. It means reducing your future expenditure and securing the ability to quickly adapt to new and unforeseen needs.

Durable, solid code with firm business roots comes when established techniques are combined with innovative design and insights of experienced top level developers. factor10 is recognized by an ability to develop solutions of unusually long and prosperous lifetimes. If software is important to your business, factor10 can help you maximize the life cycle return on investment of your business critical systems.